Online Solo Championship – Drum Majors Results


Due to the large number of competitors competing in these events, it is not possible to provide actual placings for individual competitors who are not placed in the top 6 places, each competitor is however, provided with a constructive critique sheet at the end of the competition.

Event 44 – Junior Drum Majors (Under 14) – 2 1/2 lengths of Arena

1st Louis Anderson
2nd Louise Smiton
3rd Jorja Turkington
4th Ben Dickson
5th Beth Turner
6th Lydia Todd
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Event 45 – Juvenile Drum Majors (Under 18) – 3 1/2 lengths of Arena

Result Name
1st Kara Gilmour
2nd Jamie Couples
3rd Kathryn Mckeown
4th Katie Bicker
5th Sean Dickson
6th Jamie Livingston
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Event 46 – Senior Drum Majors (18 and over) – 4 1/2 lengths of Arena

Result Name
1st Andrea Mckweon Gibson
2nd Emma Barr
3rd James Kennedy
4th Kevin Conquest
5th Andrea Stevenson
6th Greg Rochford
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